Marketing Services

Build a Better Mousetrap …

And the world will still beat a path to the competitor with more shelf space at WalMart.  The second best marketing plan almost wins a lot of business; do you want to almost be successful?

People still buy for the same reasons they’ve always bought; they just don’t want to be sold the same way they’ve always been sold.  You’ve had strong competitors; but now, you compete against the Mythical Perfect Vendor rumored to exist somewhere online.  It seems the more value you offer, the more value customers believe must exist elsewhere, if only they click long enough or use the right search phrase.  Warhol had the right idea, fame is fleeting, he was just off by a factor of 60.  If you can’t grab the buyer in 15 seconds, forget about your 15 minutes.

I show you how to sell profitably.  With my guidance, you will capture prospects below market cost and convert them into customers faster and with one of the highest close ratios in your industry.

Marketing services I provide include:

  • Campaign Strategy, Design and Execution
  • Website Design and Programming
  • Collateral Design and Creation
  • Market Surveys and Polling
  • Media Outreach and Management