Grandparent Gift Book


The client has created a product that allows grandparents to leave a lasting legacy to their grandchildren.  I wrote a press release that secured the media attention they desired.

Press Release — Children See Grandparents in a New Light



I have written dozens of press releases for this long time client; however, these marketing documents I created are more interesting.

Whitepaper — Introduction of the Synergy EducationPlatform

Whitepaper — Synergy Education Platform: Differentiation is the Difference

Success Spotlight — Marana Unified School District

Success Spotlight — Region 1 Regional Service Provider

Success Spotlight — Mesa Public Schools

Press Release — Edupoint’s California Success Story Continues

ICon Professional Services

ICon Professional Services

I have worked for this client for many years and completed dozens of projects including content for the company’s two websites and creation of a corporate proposal template. Here’s some samples:

Corporate Proposal (excerpt)

Proposal cover letter

Whitepaper — NRP: National Research Project

Whitepaper — Five IC Compliance Issues You May Not Know You Have

Brochure content


Website content (excerpt)

Press Release — Electronic Signature Lets ICon Clients Transact Business Faster, Easier – and It’s Green!


An Internet Directory Service wanted an edgy, out-of-the-box brand, and I delivered. Here’s an example:

Press Release — FitCorp USA Muscles Its Way Onto Google Page One With


Joann Cohen, Dating Coach


Ms. Cohen wanted to promote her “flirting” classes. I wrote two press releases, and she was soon getting interview requests from local TV stations and newspapers.

Press Release — The Audacity of Flirt – A Message of Hope and Change

Press Release — Sexy Sells – Are You Worth More Than You Think?


Imaginuity Interactive


A leading Dallas creativity shop needed someone equally creative to announce their latest projects. I wrote dozens of publicity announcements; here are several:

Press Release — Dallas Center for the Performing Arts

Press Release — Lex & Terry Show

Press Release — Dallas Children’s Theater


GPS Golf Guru


The developers of the first GPS systems for use on golf courses created a handheld device for golfers. I developed a preliminary website and the first press release. The PR looked to take advantage of a lot of hype at the time surrounding the release of Google’s Android operating system to attract the media’s attention.

Press Release — GPS GOLF GURU Drives Mobile Computing Down the Middle of the Fairway