The Art of the Powerful Press Release …

has all but disappeared.  Countless press releases are written each year; the news media is inundated with them.  Unfortunately, most are nothing more than keywords wrapped, somewhat grammatically, in empty phrases.  Their only purpose is to attract search engine spiders; they are rarely read by anyone.  Sure, I’m as guilty as others — if the client pays, I write what she asks for.  But, still, I practice the art when I can.

If you pay me enough, I’ll write a press release that leaps out of editors’ Inboxes and jumps up and down on their desks.  Whether that editor works for the New York Times or Bob’s Flea Market Gazette, depends on your story — I can’t work miracles.  Importantly, however, I get you the exposure you deserve.  And, no, I can’t guarantee Oprah.

Who said keywords can’t be cool?