Is Anything More Than a Tweet Too Much?

Have people lost their ability to absorb more than a few seconds or words at a time?  Studies show that typical web surfers will leave a page within seconds if it doesn’t immediately grab their attention.  The constant barrage of social media, 24-hours news, millions of YouTubes, hundreds of emails. . . people cannot possibly read all of the information thrown at them in the course of a routine day at the office. So, it makes you wonder; those brochures, web sites, white papers, and press releases — how much of that junk do prospects really read?  

I won’t claim all of it is read, or any of it as much as we’d like, but importantly, most of it gets a chance to be read.

Your words have to grab their opportunity to be heard, before it slips away.

Screaming helps … as does today’s marketing equivalent — publishing a steady stream of quality content and communications online.    Quality is key as search engines have become very efficient at discerning pertinent, sensible content from the inane blather keyword kamikazis use to attack their algorithms.

Offline communication strategies can still be effective as well — if you work harder to be heard.  The key is targeted content — know your audience. If your words state a value proposition quickly, establish credibility, and then call to action, you can drive predictable results.

Let me help your organization grow the voice that presents your value to clients, prospects, future employees, and your community.